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Sarupa Shah, also known as The Soul Agent, has taken her love and passion for spirituality and personal development and brought it into business. Her writing, where she shares practical everyday principles and concepts with her readers, demonstrates how they can reach their potential and achieve deeper levels of success and contribution. She is a regular columnist for Spirit & Destiny magazine and has been featured globally as a spiritual, business and money expert. She has been featured in the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, to name a few. She has spoken on international stages, sharing with audiences how to reach their personal and business potential.

Born in London, her work takes her around the world and she is writing a series of books on money and a new economy of abundance. Her writing is progressive, provocative, inspiring and challenges the status quo, building a strong case through anecdotes, real life examples and tools that you can apply to create change and to live with a bit more magic in your life.

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