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Lucy Basey



When Lucy turned twelve her grandmother introduced her to romance novels. There, Lucy found a new world of influential women, both real and fictional, and the kind of writing that she could really absorb herself in. Lucy soon began writing her own books, armed with her grandmother’s PC and a mug of malted milk.

When her grandmother passed away, Lucy distracted herself with her A-Levels and gained a place on a Media Production course at university, where she enjoyed creating stories for the screen. It wasn’t until she became a mother, during her children’s naptimes, that Lucy rediscovered her passion for writing novels.

Lucy is currently working on a piece of contemporary women’s fiction that follows a haphazard and recently deserted mother on her path to rediscovering who she is, her ventures into modern day dating, and finding love after marriage, all the while fighting to prove that she, as a single mum, can have a career, children and a life.

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