Liz Kolbeck



After a career ranging from teaching to selling software to airports, Liz took early retirement to allow her to concentrate on her writing, allotment, travel and cooking. Born in Canada, brought up in Leeds, married in Germany and now living in Manchester, Liz has put to good use her enthusiasm for both travel and writing, winning several prizes for short articles and readers’ entries in the travel pages of national newspapers.

A keen cook, she was a finalist in both the Observer and Sunday Times national cooking competitions. Liz also writes historical romances set in the First World War, concentrating on the female experience and perspective in a time of immense social change.

When not travelling, she divides her time between her family, writing, her allotment, and her voluntary work with the local elderly.

In the Press


14th April

Olympic Hopefuls

Liz’s clip is at 1:40:31 to 1:44:07.


8th April 


Liz’s clip is at 1:23:11 to 1:28:47